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  Passage One


  Questions 19 to 20 are based on the recording you have just heard。

  Passage Two

  Passage 1

  Questions 46 to 50 are based on the following passage。

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  Passage 2

  Questions 51 to 55 are based on the following passage。

  In today’s job market, it is not a common for job seekers to send applications for many positions。 That is lots of time and lots of work to organize。 Certainly, you can’t want to waste your precious hours on following the developments on the fashion, and miss the important deadlines, confuse interview times or forget to follow up a result。 Accordingly, managing our work search properly is just as important as identify the job opportunities and send your applications。 If you familiar with Microsoft Excel or a similar program, creating a table is a simple and effective way to keep track your job applications。 If the excel isn’t used as drinking a cup of tea, don’t worried。 You can create a table in Microsoft。 Google is another tool to help you to organize your work effectively。 If you have a G-mail account, you can create a safe and send tables in addition to read a document like your cover letter and resume。 You can also link up with Google calendar to make sure you make top with the important dates。 Clearly, there plenty of days to keep track of search and to make efforts to simplify your job search well paid off。 Nevertheless you should always focus on the quality not the quantity。 Only you apply the position you are qualified for, and make each application count, personalizing each cover letters and updating your resume。

  Living in an urban area with green spaces has a long-lasting positive impact on people’s mental well-being, a study has suggested, UK researchers found moving to a green space had a sustained positive effect, unlike pay rises or promotions, which only provided a short –term boost。 Co-author Mathew White, from the University of Exeter, UK, explained that the study showed people living in greener urban areas were displaying fewer signs of depression or anxiety。 “There could be a number of reasons。” he said, “for example, people do many things to make themselves happier; they strive for promotion or pay rises, or they get married。 But the trouble with those things is that within six months to a year, people are back to their original baseline levels of well-being。 So, these things are not sustainable; they don’t make us happy in the long term。 We found that for some lottery (彩票) winners who had won more than £500,000 the positive effect was definitely there, but after six months to a year, they were back to the baseline。”

  据扶桑厚生劳动省探讨小组2011年份评测的数目,满含沉迷网页游戏在内,东瀛约有52万初高级中学子存在“性冷淡”难题。行业内部团体 “日本Computer娱乐中间商组织”表示,二零一七年东瀛有3514万人选取智能机和机械玩游戏,是二零一二年人口的1.3倍。网络电子游艺变得无处不在。

  Q19: Some people say if kids didn‘t happen to go to school, they’d all be out in the streets。 My reply is no。 They wouldn‘t。 First, even as schools stay just what they are, children would spend at least some time there because that’s where they would be likely to find their friends。 Q20: Second, schools wouldn‘t stay the way they are。 They’d get better。 Because we would have to start making them what they ought to be right now。 Last, if we give children a little help, those who did not want to go to school, could find other things to do, since many children now do during their holidays。 Q21: There is something easier we could。 We need to get kids out of the school buildings to give them a chance to learn about the outside world at first hand。 In Philadelphia and Oregon, plans are being drawn up for public schools that won‘t have any school buildings at all。 That will take the students out into the city and help them to use it and its people as a resource。 In others words, students, perhaps in groups, perhaps independently, will go to libraries, museums, exhibitions, radios, and TV stations, meetings, businesses and laboratories to learn about their world and society at first hand。 A small private school in Washington is all ready doing this。 It makes sense, and we need more of it。

  You probably know about the Titanic, but it was actually just one of three state-of-the art (最早进的) ocean ships back in the day。 The Olympic class ships were built by the Harland & Wolff ship makers in Northern Ireland for the White Star Line company。 The Olympic class included the Olympic, the Britannic and the Titanic。 What you may not know is that the Titanic wasn’t even the flagship of this class。 All in all, the Olympic class ships were marvels of sea engineering, but they seemed cursed to suffer disastrous fates。

  16.What does the speaker say about today’s jobseekers?

  Dr。 White said his team wanted to see whether living in greener urban areas has a lasting positive effect on people’s sense of well-being or whether the effect also disappeared after a period of time。 To do this, the team used data from the British Household Panel Survey compiled by University of Essex。


  Q19: What are some people worried about according to the speaker?

  The Olympic launched first in 1910, followed by the Titanic in 1911, and lastly the Britannic in 1914。 The ships had nine decks, and White Star Line decided to focus on marking them the most luxurious ships on the water。

  17.What kind of job do applicants can do with the help of the Google?

  Explaining what the data revealed, he said: “what you see is that even after three years, mental health is still better, which is unlike many other things that we think will make us happy。” He observed that people living in green spaces were less stressed, and less mm sensible decisions and communicated better。


  Q20: What does the speaker think we could do for the kids who dislike school?

  Stretching 269.13 meters, the Olympic class ship were wonders of naval technology, and everyone thought that they would continue to be so for quite some time。 However, all suffered terrible accidents on the open seas。 The Olympic got wrecked before the Titanic did, but it was the only one survive and maintain a successful career of 24 years。 The Titanic was the first to sink after famously hitting a huge iceberg in 1912。 Following this disaster, the Britannic hit a naval mine in 1916 and subsequently sank as well。

  18.What does the speaker suggest the jobseekers do?

  With a growing body of evidence establishing a link between urban green spaces and a positive impact on human well-being。 Dr。 White said, “There’s growing interest among public policy officials, but the trouble is who funds it。 What we really need at a policy level is to decide where the money will come from to help support good quality local green spaces。”


  Q21: What does the speaker say is the easier thing we could do?

  Each ship was coal-powered by several boilers constantly kept running by exhausted crews below deck。 Most recognizable of the ship designs are the ship‘s smoke stacks, but the fourth stack was actually just artistic in nature and served no functional purpose。 While two of these ship sank, they were all designed with double hulls (船体) believed to make them “unsinkable”, perhaps a mistaken idea that led to the Titanic’s and the Britannic‘s tragic end。


  46。 According to one study, what do green spaces do to people?


  The Olympic suffered two crashes with other ships and went on to serve as a hospital ship and troop transport in World WarⅠ。 Eventually, she was taken out of service in 1935, ending the era of the luxurious Olympic class ocean liners。

  第风度翩翩篇作品是侦察高频主旨:工作话题,考察话题词汇:job market, job seekers, application, job opportunities, resume等,因而,对场景词的左右对于考生读题听题扶助一点都不小。考查难点的答案出题点符合篇章行文顺序,特别是率先题和尾声风流倜傥题出题点,在开端结后面部分分,考生相比好把控。

  A) Improve their work efficiency。

  1。 Some people say if the kids didn’t happen to go to school they will be go out of street。

  51。 What does the passage say about the three Olympic class ships?

  Passage 2

  B) Add to their sustained happiness。

  2。 Second, school wouldn’t stay where they are they get better。 Because we would like to stop to making them all to be right now。

  A) They performed marvelously on the sea。

  19.Some people say if the kids didn’t happen to go to school they will be go out of street。 My reply is no。 They wouldn’t。 First, even school just stay where they are Children should at least spend some time there because that way to find their friends。 20.Second, school wouldn’t stay where they are they get better。 Because we would like to stop to making them all to be right now。 Last, if we stay the power and they would not to find a school and could find other things to do, such as many children would find their holidays。 21.There is something easier we could do to we need the kids to get out of the school buildings。 In other words, students perhaps in groups would go to museums, exhibitions and TV stations, radios , businesses and laboratories to learn about the world。 A small private school in Washington were all ready to do this 。 We need all of it。

  C) Help them build a positive attitude towards life。

  3。 There is something easier we could do to we need the kids to get out of the school buildings。

  B) They could all break the ice in their way。

  Q19: What are some people worried about according to the speaker?

  D) Lesson their concerns about material well-being。


  C) They all experienced terrible misfortunes。

  Q20: What does the speaker think we could do for the kids who dislike school?

  47。 What does Dr。 White say people usually do to make themselves happier?


  D) They were models of modern engineering。

  Q21: What does the speaker say is the easiest thing we could do?

  A) Earn more money。

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  52。 What did White Star line have in mind when it purchased the three ships?